mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Furniture Porn

The Bondage seat

Outdoor action

The office party!

Insomniac Laetitia is looking for weird sex on internet .... and guess what she found !

Anti - Nazi Propaganda Donald Duck Cartoon - 1943

This cartoon have been banned , a bit too explicit...

The Bearded Woman breastfeeding - Jusepe de Ribera

1631 - Prado Museum, Madrid

Cult German Ton Steine Scherben drummer, Nickel Pallat attack a table with an axe during TV program

youhouuuuuuuuu !

- Halber Mensch - Einstürzende Neubauten and Sogo Ishii project

Its too late to try to write something about this masterpiece ;)

"This one hour feature just has to be seen. Director Sogo Ishii ( Burst city , Electric Dragon 80.000 V , Crazy Family...)filmed the famous German Band "Einstürzende Neubauten" in a deserted factory loft (the perfect industrial setting for their music). It all looks very rough as you would expect it from one of Japans most influential filmmakers (his influence on Shinya Tsukamoto cannot be ignored). This film is rarely to be seen. If you get the possibility to watch it, do not hesitate. The images and the experimental sounds build up a perfect connection, which you do not get that often in concert documentaries. "

muchas gracias IMDb

mardi 29 décembre 2009

Wiki-curiosity: The worst cantatrice of the world - Florence Foster Jenkins

"Florence Foster Jenkins (July 19, 1868 – November 26, 1944) was an American soprano who became famous for her complete lack of rhythm, pitch, tone, and overall singing ability."

"Born Florence Foster in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to Charles Dorrance Foster and Mary Jane Hoagland,[1] Jenkins received music lessons as a child, and expressed a desire to go abroad to study music. Her wealthy father refused to pay the bill, so she eloped to Philadelphia with Frank Thornton Jenkins, a medical doctor. The two divorced in 1902.[1] She earned a living there as a teacher and pianist. Upon her father's death in 1909,[1] Jenkins inherited a sum of money which allowed her to take up the singing career that had been discouraged by her parents and former husband.[2] She became involved in the musical life of Philadelphia, and later New York City, where she founded and funded the Verdi Club, took singing lessons, and began to give recitals, her first in 1912.[2] Her mother's death in 1928 gave her additional freedom and resources to pursue singing."

"From her recordings, it is apparent that Jenkins had little sense of pitch and rhythm and was barely capable of sustaining a note. Her accompanist can be heard making adjustments to compensate for her tempo variations and rhythmic mistakes. Her dubious diction, especially in foreign language songs, is also noteworthy. Nonetheless, she became tremendously popular in her unconventional way. Her audiences apparently loved her for the amusement she provided rather than her musical ability. Critics often described her work in a backhanded way that may have served to pique public curiosity."

"After a taxicab crash in 1943 she found she could sing "a higher F than ever before." Instead of a lawsuit against the taxicab company, she sent the driver a box of expensive cigars."

Hector Hippolyte - Voodoo goes fine art

Haïtian painter from the beggining of the century who catch the attention of André Breton .
Voodoo is depicted as a way to gather haitian population around african mystic tradition .

Ulisse Adrovandi' s Monstrorum Historia

A glimpse into the first fantastico-anatomic essay on monsters by the Renaissance master, Ulisse Adrovandi...

Nollywood Babylon

The best trailers of Nigerian Horror Cinema:

The handkerchief II : The curse of the dirty kleenex

Night of vultures : Daddy's ghost has a godzilla claw