lundi 11 janvier 2010

" Maitresse " de Barbet Schroeder - 1975

Here we have a wonderfull piece of pervesion , half documentary ( all the slave/customers are real submit men, met by Schroeder in an SM club) , with a Gerard Depardieu in the apogée of his carreer ! A stucking journey in psychologic sex and post-modern fantasy.

" A common thief (Depardieu) breaks into the house of a professional dominatrix (Ogier), and begins to help her "train" her clients. Though this world is alien to his experience, he finds himself falling in love with her. Eventually he discovers that she does this in order to support her son, and he attempts to help her out of this life, which she is not sure she really wants to leave." merci bien IMDB

Nazi Knife # 6

sixieme opus de l'indispensable graphzine.

Stu Mead - New sketches book !

Last night, I had a glimpse on Private Zone, the new Stu Mead book published by Timeless... Intresting if you know already his color work but more "intimate" as its only drawings studies for more complexe composition. Anyway... here some of my favorites ( which are not part of the book )

Final Flesh - Apocalyptic porn

Maybe the best film I've ever seen ... thanks Andy for this pearl !

The films set-up is this: There are porn companies online that do custom porn. You can send in whatever your fantasy is and they will act it out, record it, and send you the tape. Well, Vern wrote a series of absurd scripts for the porn actors to do- weird and bizarre shit, no sex. He made it so the actors thought he would be getting off on it- not turning their videos into art films. He presented the films exactly as he received them- the companies did all the titling and editing. The result is very twisted, often times gross, and always funny. The film is in four parts. The first begins with three black actors talking around a table moments before the Atom Bomb is about to drop. One of the ladies goes into the shower and pours a jar of ‘neglected children’s tears’ over herself in an erotic manner. Read into this what you will… She goes on to give birth to a piece of raw meat that she breastfeeds. And that’s just the beginning; the parts get progressively crazier from there.

samedi 2 janvier 2010

What it is, and how it is done - Crispin Helion Glover II

Mr Glover give a lecture of his book ...

It is fine - The new Crispin Helion Glover film !!

Second Opus of the " It trilogy "

“Although Paul's speech is unintelligible to us, each of the women he meets understands exactly what he says; they often find him wildly attractive. This is Paul's fantasy, of course, and what he is saying within it is painful, honest, awful and makes "It Is Fine!" as much a psychological horror film as it is an exercise in midnight movie madness.

The statement Stewart makes in his script -- that handicapped people can not only be as sensitive as everyone else, but just as horrible -- is made eloquent, if bizarre, via Glover and Brothers' otherworldy vision, rendered via elegant cinematography and a pronounced sense of the strange.”
Variety Magazine

Wesley Willis - Paranoiac schizophrenia serving Rock n Roll

"Wesley Lawrence Willis (May 31, 1963 – August 21, 2003) was a busker, musician and artist from Chicago. A diagnosed chronic schizophrenic, he gained a sizeable cult following in the 1990s after releasing several hundred songs of simple but unique music, with emphasis on his humorous, bizarre, and frequently obscene lyrics. In addition to his large body of solo musical work, Willis fronted the punk rock band the Wesley Willis Fiasco. He also produced hundreds of unusual colored ink-pen drawings, most of them of Chicagoland and streetscapes. "