samedi 6 février 2010

Beastly Boys - True killers go DJs

SOME of Britain's most dangerous killers and rapists are learning to mix music like superstar DJs in a hi-tech studio at Broadmoor Asylum.

Five patients at the top security hospital have splashed out thousands of pounds of taxpayers' cash on the latest professional equipment.

The budding DJs - who receive up to £80 a week in benefits - even have a music teacher to help them spin discs in the plush "sound suite".

A Broadmoor insider said: "They ought to be in here to face the music - not make music.

"You cannot believe the equipment they have bought from saving up their benefits and pocket money.

"They can add it to any wages they get for working in here or any private money they have stashed and get it all brought in by mail order. It's state-of-the-art stuff."

The group, dubbed Beastly Boys after US stars the Beastie Boys, are all classed as highly dangerous and have severe personality disorders.

As well as killers Anthony Joseph, William Jaggs and Jamie Limbrick, the group includes Alex Candiotis, 24, who tried to murder a Broadmoor nurse last year by slitting his throat with a CD case.

He has ordered Numark headphones and turntable equipment. Schizophrenic Barrington McKenzie, 25 - who stabbed a stranger to death in a MUSIC STUDIO - has ordered hip-hop CDs to mix in the education centre at the hospital near Crowthorne, Berks.

The source said: "It is up to them how often they do it. They are encouraged to socialise.

"When you look at what they have done to their victims, it hardly looks like they are paying the price.

"But Broadmoor is an NHS hospital and everyone inside is classed as a patient rather than a criminal so they're treated with kid gloves.

"God only knows what sort of music they come up with.

"Surely there is something a lot more beneficial they could be doing to help the community."

But a Broadmoor spokesman said: "Social activities - particularly those involving music or other creative arts - are a vital part of recovery and risk management.

Found on The Sun website, 2 fev 2010

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