jeudi 18 mars 2010

Maya Deren - Amateur Versus Professional

The major obstacle for amateur film-makers is their own sense of inferiority vis-à-vis professional productions. The very classification “amateur” has an apologetic ring. But that very word—from the Latin “amateur” – “lover” means one who does something for the love of the thing rather than for economic reasons or necessity. And this is the meaning from which the amateur film-maker should take his clue. Instead of envying the script and dialogue writers, the trained actors, the elaborate staffs and sets, the enormous production budgets of the professional film, the amateur should make use of the one great advantage which all professionals envy him, namely, freedom—both artist and physical.
Artistic freedom means that the amateur film-maker is never forced to sacrifice visual drama and beauty to a stream of words, words, words, words, to the relentless activity and explanations of a plot, or to the display of a star or a sponsor’s product; nor is the amateur production expected to return profit on a huge investment by holding the attention of a massive and motley audience for 90 minutes. Like the amateur still-photographer, the amateur filmmaker can devote himself to capturing the poetry and beauty of places and events and, since he is using a motion picture camera, he can explore the vast world of the beauty of movement… Instead of trying to invent a plot that moves, use the movement or wind or water, children, people, elevators, balls, etc. as a poet might celebrate these. And use your freedom to experiment with visual ideas; your mistakes will not get you fired.
Physical freedom includes time freedom—a freedom from budget imposed deadlines. But above all, the amateur film-maker, with his small, light-weight equipment, has an inconspicuousness (for candid shooting) and a physical mobility which is well the envy of most professionals, burden as they are by their many-ton monsters, cables and crews. Don’t forget that no tripod has yet been built which is as miraculously versatile in movement as the complex system of supports, joints, muscles and nerves which is the human body, which, with a bit of practice, makes possible the enormous variety of camera angles and visual action. You have all this and a brain too, in one neat, compact, mobile package.
Cameras don’t make films; film-makers make films. Improve your films not by adding more equipment and personnel but by using what you have to its fullest capacity. The most important part of your equipment is yourself: your mobile body, your imaginative mind, and your freedom to use both. Make sure you do use them.

Maya Deren Film Culture, Winter 1965

dimanche 7 mars 2010

Frantz Von Bayros - Lubricité baroque et voluptueuses demi-mondaines.

"Marquis Franz von Bayros was born in Zagreb in 1866, as the son of a Spanish nobleman. He became an artist, standing out amongst his contemporaries for his enticing and delicate graphic style. He drew a series of erotic drawings, depicting worldly beauties in compromising positions. One of his erotic portfolios, 'Erzahlungen vom Toilettentisch' ('Tales from the Dressing Table'), caused a courtcase and made Von Bayros famous. In 1911, the Munich police persecuted him because of his illustrations and forced him into exile from Germany. He drew about 2000 illustrations in all his life, for books such as Dante's 'Divina Commedia' and those by Hans Bartsch. His legacy is a wonderful collection of lovely, decadent erotic but elegant masterpieces, with a love for every smallest beautiful detail, rarely found elsewhere. Franz von Bayros died in Vienna on 3 April 1924.
Franz von Bayros kept the candle burning for the Decadents more than a quarter of a century after the death of Aubrey Beardsley in 1898. His art is an unmistakable cocktail of rococo daintiness, Beardsley-esque technique and witty, decadent eroticism. He was obliged to move from one European capital to another as each outrageous new work was banned by the authorities"

vendredi 5 mars 2010

Paperback Vintage Cover

Suzan Atkins dancin in Anton Lavey s witches sabbath

Suzan , member of the Manson family , mostly known for her participation in Sharon Tate 's murder ( she is accused to have given the lethal stab to the 8 month pregnant woman ), has made a short career as " flesh altar" in Lavey 's Church of Satan ...


Sea Cucumber Porn


Melcryptovestimentaphilia: Melcryptovestimentaphilia refers to sexual urges, preferences or fantasies involving black female underwear.

Symptoms of Melcryptovestimentaphilia

* Sexual interest in black female underwear
* Abnormal amount of time spent thinking about black female underwear
* Recurring intense sexual fantasies involving black female underwear
* Recurring intense sexual urges involving black female underwear

jeudi 25 février 2010

Evidence - New York 30's Police Photography

Bellocq's Olympia

"Ernest J. Bellocq was born in 1873 in a wealthy white Creole family in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He became known locally as an amateur photographer before setting himself up as a professional, making his living mostly by taking photographic records of landmarks and of ships and machinery for local companies. However, he also took personal photographs of the hidden side of local life, notably the opium dens in Chinatown and the prostitutes of Storyville. These were only known to a small number of his acquaintances. In the latter part of his life, he lived alone and acquired a reputation for eccentricity and unfriendliness. According to people who knew him in late life, he showed little interest in anything other than photography. In his early days, he was something of a dandy."

"All the photographs are portraits of women. Some are nude, some dressed, others posed as if acting a mysterious narrative. Many of the negatives were badly damaged, in part deliberately, which encouraged speculation. Many of the faces had been scraped out; whether this was done by Bellocq, his Jesuit priest brother who inherited them after E. J.'s death or someone else is unknown. Bellocq is the most likely candidate, since the damage was done while the emulsion was still wet. In a few photographs the women wore masks. It is likely that the faces were scraped out for the same reason that masks were used - to hide the identities of the women."

Obviously Joel Peter Witkin's mentor ....

mercredi 24 février 2010

Alfred Kubin 's Curiosity Cabinet

samedi 20 février 2010

- Clovis Trouille - Eros et Psyché -

+ Santa Carne +

Morning of the Magicians

Le Matin des magiciens was a book written by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in 1960 or in October 1959.[citation needed] It was first published in English in 1963 with the title The Morning of the Magicians. A German edition was published with the title Aufbruch ins dritte Jahrtausend (Departure into the third Millennium).

The book is a general overview of the occult and the works of Charles Fort. Le Matin des magiciens was highly influential[citation needed] in the way it presented occult subjects to a popular audience and spawned many books imitating its style.

The English edition, The Morning of the Magicians, became an international best seller, with over 800,000 copies sold worldwide.[citation needed] The book was a collaboration of ideas spanning a wide variety of subjects from Nazi occultism to supernatural phenomena and the place of mankind in the universe relative to traditional philosophical positions.

Wiki Curiosity - Icelandic Phallological Museum

" The Icelandic Phallological Museum (Icelandic: Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn) in Húsavík, Iceland (formerly in Reykjavík) is a museum devoted to phallology. As of September 2009, the museum houses 272 specimens from 92 species of animals displayed, like hunting trophies, embalmed in formaldehyde, or dried in display cases. The museum attempts to collect penis specimens from every mammal in Iceland, including several species that are endangered or currently extinct in Icelandic waters.

Sigurður Hjartarson, a former teacher of history at an institute in Reykjavík, is the founder and current director of the museum, which also exhibits a few specimens from mammals not living in Iceland, as well as folkloric specimens (alleged elves, trolls, sea monsters, etc.) and penis-themed art.

Although the museum does not yet have a Homo sapiens specimen, in the interest of advancing phallological knowledge, a patron (Páll Arason, born in 1915 and currently 94 years old) has donated, presumably posthumously, an affidavit for his penis."

samedi 6 février 2010

Beastly Boys - True killers go DJs

SOME of Britain's most dangerous killers and rapists are learning to mix music like superstar DJs in a hi-tech studio at Broadmoor Asylum.

Five patients at the top security hospital have splashed out thousands of pounds of taxpayers' cash on the latest professional equipment.

The budding DJs - who receive up to £80 a week in benefits - even have a music teacher to help them spin discs in the plush "sound suite".

A Broadmoor insider said: "They ought to be in here to face the music - not make music.

"You cannot believe the equipment they have bought from saving up their benefits and pocket money.

"They can add it to any wages they get for working in here or any private money they have stashed and get it all brought in by mail order. It's state-of-the-art stuff."

The group, dubbed Beastly Boys after US stars the Beastie Boys, are all classed as highly dangerous and have severe personality disorders.

As well as killers Anthony Joseph, William Jaggs and Jamie Limbrick, the group includes Alex Candiotis, 24, who tried to murder a Broadmoor nurse last year by slitting his throat with a CD case.

He has ordered Numark headphones and turntable equipment. Schizophrenic Barrington McKenzie, 25 - who stabbed a stranger to death in a MUSIC STUDIO - has ordered hip-hop CDs to mix in the education centre at the hospital near Crowthorne, Berks.

The source said: "It is up to them how often they do it. They are encouraged to socialise.

"When you look at what they have done to their victims, it hardly looks like they are paying the price.

"But Broadmoor is an NHS hospital and everyone inside is classed as a patient rather than a criminal so they're treated with kid gloves.

"God only knows what sort of music they come up with.

"Surely there is something a lot more beneficial they could be doing to help the community."

But a Broadmoor spokesman said: "Social activities - particularly those involving music or other creative arts - are a vital part of recovery and risk management.

Found on The Sun website, 2 fev 2010

" I know where Syd Barrett lives "

My beloved James send me this yesterday night

Unpsychedelic Syd Barrett in the 90', apparently blue jean addict.

it reminds me of that :

vendredi 5 février 2010


Sparagmos (Ancient Greek σπαραγμός) refers to an ancient Dionysian ritual in which a living animal, or sometimes even a human being, would be sacrificed by being dismembered, by the tearing apart of limbs from the body. Sparagmos was frequently followed by omophagia (the eating of the raw flesh of the one dismembered). It is associated with the Maenads or Bacchantes, followers of Dionysus, and the Dionysian Mysteries.

Examples of sparagmos appear in Euripides's play The Bacchae, which concerns Dionysus and the Maenads. At one point guards sent to control the Maenads witness them pulling a live bull to pieces with their hands. Later, Dionysus lures his cousin, king Pentheus, into a forest after he bans worship of the god where he was attacked by Maenads, including his own mother Agave. The reference of his mother tearing apart his limbs is sparagmos. Similarly, Medea is said to have killed and dismembered her brother whilst fleeing with Jason and the stolen fleece in order to delay their pursuers (who would be forced to collect the remains of the prince). The Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini staged a sparagmos ritual as part of a long sequence near the beginning of his film Medea (1969), before dramatising the episode in which Medea kills her brother in a similar way. In Tennessee Williams's play Suddenly, Last Summer, Sebastian Venable is killed in an episode of sparagmos and omophagia.

thanks a lot wikipedia