samedi 10 mars 2012

Le troisieme oeil de Bill Durks

" William Durks, the ''Two-faced Man", enhanced his split face to create an alternative sideshow identity and thus enable him to continue on the same show route with fresh biling. Durks, who had an eye and nostril on either  side of growth in the center of his face, later enhanced the effect; he used make-up to add an extra central "eye"( and two more "nostrils"), becoming the " Man with three eye".

Bobby Reynolds (2001) recalls that when he solicited Bill Durks to perform in the sideshows at the Flemington, New Jersey fair  "he was a janitor in his church and they were giving him thirty-five dollars a week and he was sleeping in the basement  somewhere."Later , when Durks used a little white makeup to create a third eye, Bobby had a better idea: "I litteraly wanted to have a plastic surgeon a real eye in there, but he wouldn't go for it. And I said for two hundred dollars more I could have it wink, you know. But he wasn't going for the plastic surgeon crap."

Joe Nickell, Secrets of the Sideshows, Kentucky Press, 2005

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