dimanche 22 avril 2012

Weegee - Coney Island - 1944

 " It was after midnight and jet black. One of those nights when the moon forgets to come out...but sweathearts like that. I took my shoes off so as not to get sand in them and went walking in my stocking feet on the beach, being careful not to bump into any couples. I wouldn't want to disturb them for the world. Once in a while I would hear giggle or a  happy laugh, so I aimed my camera and took a picture in the dark using invisible light.

It was so still. Once in a while there would be a flicker of a match lighting a cigarette. Love Making is so exhausting ... a happy kind of exhaustion ... and a cigarette gives one a chance to rest up and hear the heartbeat of one's partner  . . . .

I walked nearer to the water's edge and stopped to rest against a life guard station look-out. I thought I heard a movement from above so I aimed my camera high and took a photo, thinking it was a couple who liked to be eclusive and do their love making nearer the sky. When I developed the picture, I saw that the only occupant on the look-out had been a girl looking dreamly towards the Atlantic Ocean. ...
What was she doing there among all the lovers ?... '

Weegee - Nacked City

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